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Practical repeating arms are a fairly modern invention, though the idea is much older. In an age before reliable, self loading guns, the solution to greater firepower is simply to have more barrels. Loading a muzzle loader is a laborious process, and if more than one shot is needed in the moment, then the shooter seldom has time to reload his piece. Attach an extra barrel to his gun, however, and he instantly has twice the firepower.

Multi barrelled antique gun

This particular solution to the problem of slow to load arms is as old as the hills, and the concept of multi-barrelled weapons is probably as old as the gun itself. This makes them a fascinating topic of study for the antique arm aficionado, as the development of the multi barrelled weapon runs in tandem with regular firearms development, but with some interesting and unusual quirks to accommodate the extra one, two, or more barrels of the gun. Some concepts have stuck with us, like the side by side shotgun, whereas others have fallen by the wayside as technology has outpaced their usefulness, like the pepperbox revolver, but there can be no doubt that multi barrelled weapons have earned their place in the firearms canon.

Pepperbox Pistols

Here at Henry Krank & Co. we have a lovely range of multi barrelled guns of all kinds, from tiny pepperboxes to leviathan hunting guns, click here to browse.

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