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Centrefire Rifles

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Western Black Powder Revolvers

Exact replicas of their famous predecessors, built to perform reliably and safely with modern black powder


Inert and Deactivated Weapons

Great Wall hangers, No license required

Muzzle Loading Accessories

Make shooting easier with these handy tools

Henry Krank Blog

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How To Join A Black Powder Shooting Club

A guide for both current certificate holders, and new shooters that explains how to join a black powder shooting club and what to expect from your first few visits.

Shooting With A Reproduction Indian Brown Bess Muzzleloader

We put a reproduction Indian Brown Bess through its paces in the field and give an overall verdict of its performance.

The Henry Krank Glossary of Muzzleloading Terms

Henry Krank have compiled a glossary of muzzleloading terms that introduces you to the words and phrases most commonly used when talking about muzzleloaders.

How To Place An Order: A Guide To Delivery Charges

Our handy guide outlines all you need to know about placing an order with us, the legal requirements for purchasing specific items and the delivery costs associated with each type of product.

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