We found an old copy of Classic Arms from May 1999 that had some interesting articles in it. Nestled at the back on pages 36 and 37 was The London Arms Fair of 1999, the 62nd London Arms Fair to be precise. We've been present at many Arms Fairs throughout the UK for a number of years, we feel the regular gathering of collectors and enthusiasts is great for the sociability and community which has grown throughout the years.

Classic Arms from May 1999

Classic Arms from May 1999 page 2

Photograph "A" shows Henry Krank MD Zoran Nikacevic holding a pair of Wagner Travelling pistols, priced at £18,000. Exhibit "E" has the Henry Krank table in all its glory with Zoran showing off the quality products that Henry Krank have become known for.

This may be a 20 year old display table but we've certainly not slowed down in our approach to antiques, quite the opposite in fact. The great thing about collecting antique items is the sheer variety on offer, with hundreds of years and a world of countries to choose from each piece is as unique as the last, offering up its own tale to tell, we feel this is what our customers love as much as we do. What's more, it's not just the big ticket items we're interested in, the smaller, often more obscure antique items hold their own too, some of these are even still useable today, what a great way to give life to an old antique firearm or accessory than to use it together with the latest equipment.

We may sell old items but we're a modern company, the advent of the internet has allowed us to show our antiques online. Simply visit our antique gun and accessories online and browse everything from the comfort of home. We've got a huge range of antique guns to choose from, items that you wouldn't even think of until you saw them. Follow the link to the Henry Krank antiques page, here you'll find a vast array of fascinating items to suit your interest, remember to keep checking back though, we get new items arriving every week.

If you can't find something you're looking for give us a call on 0113 256 9163 or email us at [email protected], one of our team will be happy to help you.

It's really nice to have a record of these attendances from so long ago, we feel it shows that antique fairs and the antique gun trade in general has remained strong throughout many changes. Regardless of what changes may come it's great to be around people who appreciate the value of these items. Does anyone remember being there, what are your thoughts?