Have you ever fancied trying your hand at antique arms restoration? Of course you have, and now is your chance!

We never fail to be amazed by the number of weird and wonderful antiques that crop up from the most unlikely places. From Martini Henrys stashed under floorboards, to villainous old guns that have hung for decades above a bar, and Kolibri pistols disassembled in a sandwich bag, we’ve seen it all. There’s countless forgotten and neglected antique guns stashed away waiting for a new lease of life. Here at Henry Krank, we love rescuing antique arms from the vagaries of time and neglect and bringing them back to their former glory, but we can’t do it all, and need your help!

Due to the sheer volume of antique arms we collect from up and down the country, and with the best will in the world, we simply cannot devote to every item the attention it may need in order to bring it to a respectable standard.

This is why we’re offering a selection of antiques at a discounted price which require some attention for those keen to try their hand at restoring them themselves. Our antique arms for restoration are each photographed, as with all our antiques, and contain a description of the work required, so you can decide if you’re up to the task before you commit to buy.

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Antique Arms Restoration

Why not just buy at auction?

Anyone who bids frequently enough at auctions knows what a fraught business it can be. If you’re lucky enough to be able to view the item, which in this post-pandemic world is less of an option these days, and even luckier to find an item that nobody else is interested in, then you may be able to snag a bargain. Often, auction houses don’t describe the faults of an item particularly well, if at all, and it is a brave buyer who will commit some hundreds of pounds to an item of unknown functionality.

With auction fees adding something like a quarter to a third on top of the hammer price, plus lengthy, difficult and unreliable shipping methods, even once you’ve won the lot, you still have a battle to actually receive your item. If, once you’ve received it, you aren’t satisfied, then you’re stuck with it.

Caveat emptor.

Why buy from Henry Krank?

We’ve done the hard work for you. The item is well photographed, our experts have fiddled with it to determine what needs doing, it is described with any faults listed, and our shipping service is second to none in the industry.

If that wasn’t enough to sway you, if you still aren’t satisfied after you’ve received the item, you can return it for a full refund. There’s literally nothing to lose.

How can I buy an antique gun for restoration?

Click here to view our full range of antique arms for restoration. As with all our antiques, there’s no licence required, so you can buy at leisure. Once you’ve found an item you like the look of, simply add to your basket and check out online. Alternatively, you can telephone us on 0113 256 9163 or email [email protected].

How do I even restore an antique gun?

Naturally, that depends on what’s wrong with it. Often, the antique arms for restoration we sell might just be in need of a good clean or a refinish. Sometimes extra parts may be required, like sights or springs replaced. Often, it doesn’t take a great deal of knowledge or skill to restore an antique gun, and you don’t need a fully stocked workshop, just some basic tools, patience and determination.

We also sell a wide range of tools and compounds, from brass hammers to full stock finishing kits, click here to view our full range.

I’m looking to sell my antique guns

As you might have guessed, we also buy antique guns. To read more about how you can sell your antique gun to us click here, or email [email protected]. It’s quick, simple, and we’re always on the lookout for new stock. So if you’ve got an antique gun, sword, cannon, flask or similar gathering dust, get in touch with us today.

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To order, please either email us at [email protected] or telephone 0113 256 9163. All our antiques are shipped on a 24-hour service. We understand buying online or over the telephone isn’t quite the same as having the item in your hands, therefore, as with all our antiques, we offer a no quibble returns policy if for whatever reason you’re unhappy with your purchase. Simply return the item for a full refund.

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