Invented by the Mauser brothers in 1871, and modified in 1884, the Mauser Model 1871/84 is one of the best black powder long arms ever fielded, and we have a range of original and excellent condition Mauser Model 1871/84 Rifles available now.

The initial and fundamental design of the gun, the Model 1871, was designed at the close of the Franco-Prussian War and was the first service rifle of the newly unified German Empire The original Mauser Model 1871 was a formidable arm in its own right, but the 1884 modification transformed it into one of the most capable long arms of its day.

Mauser 1871/84

The 71/84 was first fielded in 1884 and would be the standard black powder long arm of the recently united German Empire until nitrocellulose powder was adopted some 5 years later, after which the 71/84 was largely retired in favour of the (arguably much less advanced and well built) Commission Model 1888.

The 71/84 design was so well regarded that it was used by many nations, was distributed to Volkssturm troops as late as 1945, and probably served in some small irregular roles afterward. Serbia and Turkey also thought the rifle had such potential that they developed their own calibres for it, and it is to this day regarded as one of the best (if not the best) black powder rifles made.

Mauser Model 1871/84 - Right View

Coming right at the end of the black powder age, the 71/84 is, as might be expected, one of the most advanced designs of the era. A full-length service rifle, the 71/84 fired a 11mm bullet, comparable in power to other European service calibres such as the .45 Martini Henry or the 11mm Steyr Mannlicher. Feeding from an 8 round tubular magazine under the barrel, the 71/84 was designed for single shot shooting, with the magazine to be kept in reserve for emergencies.

Mauser Model 1871/84 - Left View

Sights are a rather complicated affair compared to contemporary guns, with a flip up short-range rear sight, and an elevating longer range rear sight, giving effective shooting from 100-1600 yards. Fully stocked in walnut and with a large and comparatively complex action, the rifle is nonetheless handy and well balanced, and it is no wonder the 71/84 was the spawn of a generation of rifles continuing well into the modern era.

The Mauser name is synonymous with high quality service and hunting rifles, and some elements of the 71/84, such as the rear bolt flag safety, survive in modern rifles today. Despite its large calibre, the 71/84 is a recognisably modern rifle and requires little explanation to anyone familiar with modern bolt action rifles, and it is a testament to the strength of the design that so many guns have evolved from it.

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