A fine day shooting in Yorkshire. A rare spot of sun and everyone comes out, fine rolling hills and muzzle loading shotguns. What could be better?

CBNT Shooting Club

Photo credit: Alan Whitehead

April's CBNT Club Cup Shoot saw our very own Managing Director, Zoran Nikacevic (right) and Barry Brown (middle) as the winners of the Ricard Cup, the award was presented by club member and fellow Henry Krank Shopkeeper, James Evans (left), when he's not giving out awards he's trying on other, equally fascinating hats. Several pairs were competing, including new members Jim Horrobin, who is also the author of what you're reading now, and Frank Ward, the latter having a better day shooting than the former.

The CBNT club has enjoyed strong growth recently, if you have a friend or relative who may be looking to join, information cards can be found at Henry Krank, or, alternatively email Bill Lockyer Honorary Secretary of the CNBT.

Are you wanting more information on Black Powder Shooting clubs? If so check out our other blog posts, including how to join a black powder shooting club. Our resident gunsmith Tom has been kind enough to write an article about what may well be best black powder shooting club in Yorkshire.

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