The CBNT (properly called the Cock, Ball, Nipple, and Touch Hole club) is a small, friendly shooting club of around 50 members, for black powder enthusiasts based in West Yorkshire. The club was formed more than 40 years ago and continues to be one of the best clubs for black powder and muzzle loading shooting in the area.

The CBNT shoot pistols, rifles and shotguns. Any variety of black powder gun is permitted, be it an original early Purdey or a reproduction Pedersoli, and both breech loading and muzzle loading arms are welcomed.

The club shoots four times a month at different ranges in the Yorkshire area and holds regular club competitions as well as inter-club competitions.

CBNT Black Powder Shooting Club

Shooting Ranges in West Yorkshire and Lancashire

More information about the CBNT shooting club

To join or for more details about how you can become a member, contact the club secretary; Tom Metcalf via email at or send an email to:

Below are details about CBNT shoots at various Home Office approved ranges in West Yorkshire and Lancashire.


Asker Range, Silsden

On the first Sunday of the month, we shoot pistols and rifles at 50 yards on our outdoor range near Silsden, in between Keighley and Skipton. We also have additional Sunday dates in the summer months, when the range is at it's finest. This range has a covered area for shooters with 5 firing points, to make for an excellent shooting experience, away from the elements typical of the Yorkshire moors. Members are free to shoot any kind of black powder gun at this shoot, from smoothbore muskets to later cartridge guns.


Rawtenstall Range, Lancashire

The second Saturday of the month is a shoot at our 100 yard range at Rawtenstall, Lancashire. This range is easily accessible from the M65. This is primarily for rifle shooting, though pistol shooting is certainly welcome if you feel brave enough! This range is situated on the moors above Rawtenstall, in a beautiful location, which makes for even better shooting.


East Morton, Keighley

We shoot clays on the third Sunday of the month at our clay range near East Morton, a stone's throw from Keighley. This is our most varied shoot, with variable weather, to add to the wide scope of targets available! All kinds of black powder shotguns are welcome; percussion, flintlock, pinfire and centrefire are all favourites amongst our members.


CBNT Competitions and Social Events

Throughout the year, the CBNT host a number of competitions that all members are free to enter, and are invariably popular every year. They have the musket competition, for off-hand musket shooting within a time limit. There are also clay competitions, for breech loading guns, flintlocks, and a down the line competition, for which a highly coveted cup is awarded every year.

The club also runs social events throughout the year on top of their shoots and Annual General Meeting, which are fun nights for members and their better halves to eat and drink amongst friends.

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CBNT Black Powder Shooting Club


More Information About the CBNT Shooting Club

To join or for more details about how you can become a member, contact the club secretary; Tom Metcalf via email at or send an email to: