With the recent changes to REACH legislation in the UK, sales in Ramshot Reloading Powders are soaring. Henry Krank & Co. are happy to have exclusive distribution rights in the UK for Ramshot Reloading Powders for several years and continue to stock the full range of these versatile, high quality powders.

Ramshot covers a range of six rifle and three handgun calibre powders, meeting the needs of UK based shooters. Made in Belgium, these powders provide consistently high standards for both serious and recreational shooters.

Ramshot Nitro Powders

Why Should you Choose Ramshot Reloading Powder?

All powders are double-based, spherical-shaped, smokeless powders. Ramshot products are newly manufactured (no military surplus or pull down powders) and feature excellent lot-to-lot consistencies. If accuracy and consistency are important, Ramshot Powders will definitely take you to the top of your game. Most importantly, Ramshot powders are fully REACH compliant. For more information about REACH visit the Health and Safety Executive website.


Ramshot Best Seller

The most popular of the Ramshot range has to be TAC Powder.

TAC is a double-base spherical propellant that sets the standard for extreme accuracy and reliability with heavy bullets in the 223 Remington and Match applications in 308 Winchester. Excellent flow characteristics ensure consistent metering and charge weights for repeatable results demand precision and accuracy. Ramshot TAC is an incredibly close equivalent to the well-known Varget powder by Hodgdon.

Due to it not being REACH compliant, Varget will no longer be available by mid-2018, prompting many shooters to make the switch over to Ramshot to avoid any supply issues.

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The Complete Ramshot Powder Range

Whilst TAC may be our best seller, the rest of the Ramshot range covers five more rifle and three handgun calibre powders. All powders come in a 454g/1lb bottle and are extremely competitively priced at £49.50 per bottle.

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Ramshot Hunter Powder

Hunter is a double-base, clean burning, high performance propellant that is perfect for cartridges such as the 270 Winchester, 300 WSM and 338 Win Mag.

Ramshot Big Game Powder

Big Game is the ultimate 30-06 Springfield powder. Outstanding velocities and optimum case-fill result in excellent shot to shot consistency.

Ramshot X-Terminator Powder

X-Terminator is a double-base spherical powder designed for the high volume 223 varmint hunters who demand a clean burning, accurate powder.

Ramshot Wild Boar Powder

Wild Boar is a double-based spherical propellant that sets the standard for extreme accuracy and reliability with heavy bullets in the 223 Remington and Match applications in 308 Winchester.

Ramshot Magnum Powder

Magnum is the ultimate high performance magnum rifle powder. It provides outstanding performance from the popular 7mm Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag through to the Remington Ultra Mags and 338 Lapua.

Ramshot Zip Powder

Zip is a clean burning, double-base propellant designed for a wide range of calibres.

Ramshot True Blue Powder

True Blue is the perfect powder for classic calibres such as the 38 Special, 44 Special and 45 Long Colt.

Ramshot Enforcer Powder

Enforcer is the best choice for high performance, full power loads in magnum handgun cartridges. It is ideally suited for the 44 Magnum.


Where can I find out more information?

The easy to use loading data in the official Ramshot Reloading Guide for these powders can be found free on our website as a downloadable PDF.

A free powder comparison burn rate chart is also available as a free PDF on the Henry Krank website.

Ramshot loading data is also included in all popular reloading manuals including the Modern Reloading, 2nd edition by Richard Lee, which can also be purchased via our website.

We have also written a useful guide on everything you need to know to get started with your own reloading.

How to order your Ramshot Reloading Powder

To place an order simply give us a call on 0113 256 9163 or pop into our store. You must be over 18 to purchase these items.

For more information about how to place an order with Henry Krank you can check out our Delivery Information page.

Please contact our friendly team to place an order for Ramshot Reloading Powders or if you have any questions.

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