MTM Molded Products Company was founded in the USA more than 40 years ago. They design and manufacture products to make a shooter's life easier. As a family of shooters, they are able to use their knowledge to create innovative products that provide a solution to some of the most common problems face by shooters, because they face them too.

MTM are well-known for their highly popular Case-Gard Ammo Boxes. MTM manufacture 8 different styles of ammo boxes for the safe storage of rifle or pistol ammunition. Below we detail the range of products stocked by Henry Krank and explain which ammunition box is the most suitable for your needs.

MTM Case-Gard Ammo Boxes


Why Choose MTM Ammo Boxes?

Made of virtually indestructible polypropylene that will not warp, crack, chip, peel, expand or contract, MTM Case Gard ammunition boxes are a reliable, hard wearing choice for bullet storage.

They feature a mechanical hinge that is guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer. A snap-lock latch protects contents from accidentally spilling whilst you are using it. The boxes are finished in a textured coating to make it easier to grip and harder to scratch.

The ammunition boxes are stackable, which means they can be stored easily until further use.


Which MTM Case-Gard Storage Box is Right For Me?

With a range of different ammo boxes available you'll want to be sure that you are purchasing the right one to meet your needs. MTM have produced an Ammo Box Chart that will help you find the box you are looking for.

- Click here to view the MTM rifle ammo box chart

- Click here to view the MTM pistol ammo box chart.


MTM Rifle and Pistol Boxes

These flip top boxes have an easy to grip, scuff-resistant textured surface and are stackable. The Snap-Lok latch and full length mechanical hinge are guaranteed for 25 years.

Calibres for each box our moulded into the bottom of each box. Load label is included.

Deluxe rifle boxes feature were designed for ultimate ammo protection and ease of transportation. Bullets can be placed in the box in the down position and are protected by four special fingers. These fingers are designed to keep most bullet tips from hitting the bottom of the box, preventing tip damage that can change bullet flight characteristics.

Take a look at the full range of MTM rifle and bullet ammunition storage.

MTM Case-Gard Ammo Boxes


Video Review of MTM Bullet Boxes

With over 40 years in the shooting industry, MTM have developed a large following of happy fans. We spotted this video from one happy customer in which he reviews his MTM ammo box. It's a great way to see the box in action for yourself.


MTM Case-Gard Ammo Pouch

In addition to the ammunition box range, MTM have also designed an alternative to bullet storage to make carrying bullets when you are out and about much easier.

The MTM Case-Gard Ammo Pouch is designed with a secure snap latch and a sturdy belt clip to attach to the wearer's belt.

No more fishing in your pocket for ammunition, the Ammo Belt Pouch is also a convenient place to store spent brass.

It is designed to hold 100 rounds of 22 long rifles. We recommend this as an accompaniment to shooting, plinking or small game hunting. For use at the target range or out in the field.

Take a look at pricing and product information for the ammo pouch.


More Information About Ammunition Boxes

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