Patented by Gilbert Smith in 1857, the .50cal Smith Carbine was a breech-loading rifle used by various cavalry units during the American Civil War.

Gilbert Smith set out to create a firearm that could provide soldiers with a reliable, breech-loading carbine that was both easy to handle and swift to reload. The result was the Smith Carbine.

The cavalry had its own special needs during the American Civil War, and the breech-loading concept suited the mounted use much greater than loading from the muzzle. The carbine used rubber cartridges, which expanded upon firing, forming a better seal and reducing the risk of gas leakage. A pack of brass cases come supplied with the Pietta Smith Carbine.

The Smith Carbine was amongst the most ubiquitous carbines issued during the Civil War, alongside the Sharps, Burnside, and Spencer. Just over 30,000 Smith Carbines were produced.

Pietta Smith Carbine

Although we don't stock any original Smith Carbines, we do offer an exceptional quality reproduction. Manufactured by Pietta in Italy, the Pietta Smith Carbine is a faithful reproduction of this Civil War classic. The Pietta Smith Carbine also comes supplied with four brass cases.

Stocks are limited of this firearm so don’t delay in expressing an interest.

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