As you may know, Henry Krank & Co. are the exclusive importers for the Ramshot range of reloading powders by Western Powders. With a powder for nearly every calibre and occasion, Ramshot powders are an excellent and consistent range of handloading powder. Coupled with Sierra bullets, Ramshot powder is the popular handloader's choice.

Ramshot Powder

Kindly produced by Western Powders, this load guide reproduced here is the ultimate beginner's guide to handloading, complete with a full complement of load data for Ramshot powders and Sierra bullets.

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Henry Krank & Co accept no liability or responsibility for the accuracy or safety of any advice, recommendation or otherwise contained in this article. This article is a reproduction of that originally published by Western Powders, and has been in no way altered by Henry Krank & Co. Always use published loading data, and never exceed maximum recommended loads.

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