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The APP (Automatic Processing) Press from Lee precision is their latest innovation in case and bullet preparation. Created for quick and easy depriming, resizing, primer pocket swaging and bullet sizing, the APP press is the fastest, most convenient way to uniformly prepare your cases and bullets to be reloaded. Here at Henry Krank we're happy to announce that we now have this item available online to order!

Using a unique top and bottom die mounting system, the Lee APP press has a versatility that no other press can boast for component preparation jobs. Both top and bottom die apertures are machined to accept the Lee breech lock bushings and the new Lee Spline Drive Breech Lock Bushings, so can be quickly and easily changed with a simple half turn of the die to release the interrupted thread system. As the automatic feeding system is not calibre specific, and works by the diameter of the component (with multiple options available for most popular calibres), all that is needed is the APP shellholder (please note that the Lee Universal Shellholder is not compatible), available in the following sizes:



APP Shell Holder
Product No.
#1 91534 38 Long & Short Colt, 38 SPL, 357 MAG
#2 91535 45 ACP, 308 Win., 30-06
#3 91536 30/30, 6.5x55 Mauser, 32/40
#4 91537 223 Rem, 5.56 NATO, 300 Blackout
#5 91538 WSM's, 7mm Rem Mag, 303 British
#6 91539 218 Bee, 25/20, 32/20
#7 91540 30 M-1, 32 ACP
#8 91541 33 Win, 348 Win, 40/65, 45/70
#9 91542 41 Magnum
#10 91543 220 Swift, 6.5 Jap, 7x64 Brenneke
#11 91544 44 SPL/MAG, 45 Colt, 303 Savage
#12 91545 22 PPC, 6 PPC, 7.62x39R
#13 91546 45 Auto Rim
#14 91547 44/40, 45 Long Colt
#15 91548 25 ACP
#16 91549 7.62x54 R, 500 S&W
#19 91552 40 S&W, 9mm Luger
#20 91553 17 HORNET, 22 HORNET
#21 91554 6.8 Rem SPC, 224 Valkyrie

The frameless design of the press means the user has maximum visibility of the process, and all the force of the handle is directed into the case, rather than the frame. The diminutive size of the press belies its power, and the APP press can handle any case preparation job a full-size O or C press can. Due to the reciprocating design and top mounted handle, there is no underswing, so the press can be mounted in spaces where clearance under the press may otherwise be an issue. Compatible with Lee products you may already have, such as the Bin and Bracket (90687), Reloading Stand (90688) and Case Collator (90667), the APP press fits perfectly into the Lee Reloading family of products.

The full list of functions the press can perform are listed below:

Function Die Mounted Part Number Works with Automatic Feed
Primer Pocket Swage Kit Both Calibre Specific ✔️
Bullet Sizing Kit Below Calibre Specific ✔️
Bulge Buster Kit Below 91572 ✔️
Depriming Above Calibre Specific ✔️
Universal Case Expander Above 90788 ✔️
Ram Prime Below 91612


The automatic feed system works by means of a spring loaded slider system actuated by the movement of the weighted arm, no other involvement is required. The press must be set up initially by use of the correct size case or bullet feeders, but other than loading the feeding tubes, all the user has to do is work the handle. When properly set up, the press will automatically load the component, do the work, and dispense, automatically loading the next bullet or case.

Suitable for:

Decapping, by using the universal decapping die (90292), or the calibre specific decapping dies, the APP press will automatically load, decap and dispense cases with each pull of the handle. Recommended for use with the Lee Bin & Bracket (90687) , for an all in one solution to case decapping.

Case Expanding: The Lee Universal Case Expanding Die can likewise be used to flare the case mouth to accept case bullets, compatible with the automatic feed system, and suitable for everything from .22 calibre cases through to .45. An indispensable tool when loading with cast bullets.

Primer Pocket Swaging: Using the APP Primer Pocket Swage Kit (91582), this kit will automatically swage the primer pockets to remove military crimps, to enable reloading of calibres with crimped in primers. The APP Primer Pocket Swage Kit is specifically designed for the Lee APP Press, so will work automatically and swage primer pockets as fast as you can pull the handle.

Bullet Sizing: The APP press utilises a superior method of bullet sizing than other presses. The sizing die screws into the bottom of the press using the breech lock system, and bullets are fed nose down, causing the least distortion to cases as gravity assists in feeding the bullet centrally. Bullets are then caught in the hopper beneath the die, ready to use.

Lee APP Press

The bullet sizer and punches for use in the Breech Lock Bullet Sizing Kit are available in the following sizes:

0.308 0.339 0.410 0.454
0.309 0.356 0.427 0.457
0.311 0.357 0.429 0.501
0.314 0.358 0.430 0.510
0.323 0.399 0.451
0.329 0.401 0.452

For case and bullet preparation, there can surely be no comparison. With slick movement and an operation as fast as the user, the APP press can handle any number of component preparation jobs faster and more efficiently than any other press available.

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