Famous on the silver screen in productions such as Les Misérables, the French Models 1717, 1728 and 1746 are central to the massive changes in France during the revolution, and subsequently, across the world.

Everyone is familiar with the French Charleville musket, famous throughout the Revolutionary period and through the Napoleonic Wars, but equally as important are the guns used by Bourbon forces throughout the 17th century. Military arms standardisation began in 1717 with the Model 1717 musket, progressively being improved throughout the century, with the Model 1728 and 1746 variants following suit.

The progression of the Charleville musket from the early Model 1717 to the latest Model 1777 shows a fascinating development of a standard pattern musket, in tandem with the epoch-making time in which it was fielded.

French Model 1717 Inert Musket

The earliest model to be mass issued by Bourbon France. The barrel is secured using pins, much like the Brown Bess, and utilising only a single barrel band, and with distinctive drop stock. 158cm overall length, barrel length 120cm.

French Charleville Model 1728 Inert Musket

The first model to feature three barrel bands, including the distinctive front band. Straight stocked. 158cm overall length, barrel length 120cm.

French Model 1746 Inert Musket

A later modification of the Model 1728, the 1746 returns to the dropped stock design of the 1717, but with the later additions of three barrel bands.

These guns are a fantastic part of European history and would suit any collection or display of the era.

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