Pietta Remington 1858 Competition Black Powder Revolver

The Pietta 1858 Competition is truly the most superior 1858 model available. The Pietta Competition is a true reproduction of the original Remington New Model Army, with a blued frame and silver plated trigger guard, it's instantly recognisable.

Built to Pietta's exacting standards, the features the Pietta Competition boasts are second to none. What sets the Pietta Competition apart from the rest is the attention to detail given to the parts that really make it an outstanding shooter. The 8'' barrel has progressive twist rifling, meaning the ball begins to spin at a more gentle pace, ensuring that it flies straighter as it leaves the muzzle. The sighting groove of the frame is machined deeper than standard, giving the shooter a very clear sight picture. The hammer is hardened and finished in with a plum bluing, promoting consistent ignition and a long life.

Cosmetically, the Pietta Remington Competition is finished with deep black bluing, with a contrasting plum coloured hammer, silver plated trigger guard and polished walnut grips.

The Pietta Remington 1858 Competition Black Powder Revolver is both a strikingly attractive gun, and an excellent shooter. Perfect for black powder competitions and casual shooting alike.

Pietta 1858 Competition Blued Pietta 1858 Competition Stainless Pietta 1858 Standard
Barrel Length 8'' 8'' 8''
Rifling Progressive Twist 5 Groove Progressive Twist 5 Groove Standard 7 Groove
Finish Blued, silver plate trigger guard Stainless, silver plate trigger guard Blued, brass trigger guard
Calibre .44 .44 .44
Trigger Pull 3lbs 3lbs 4lbs
Cocking force 6 ½ lbs 6 ½ lbs 9lbs
Grips Polished Walnut Polished Walnut Polished Walnut
Product Code 166A-44 166C-44 169A-44
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Stainless Steel Model Available

The Pietta Remington 1858 is the best shooting muzzle loading revolver that we offer, and is also offered with a stainless finish. Boasting the same features as the regular blued model, but with a hard wearing and quick to clean stainless steel finish, the stainless model is every bit an attractive and capable gun.

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