Nipple keys are a crucial item that every black powder percussion shooter should have.

If you have quite a few percussion guns, or plan on buying more, you naturally want the best tool to do the most jobs.

Nipples on a revolver

The Pedersoli Deluxe Multi-Purpose Nipple Key is the tool for you. With three different sized keys, plus a flat bladed screwdriver, and made from high quality carbon steel, this tool should last a lifetime of shooting.

From single shot pistols and revolvers, to rifles and even larger musket nipples, there’s few guns this key won’t fit, and the cruciform shape allows for maximum grip and twisting force to free tight nipples.

It is suitable for nipples with slots of about .196 (5mm), .236 (6mm) and .275 (7mm). Cruciform type made from high quality carbon steel.

Pedersoli Deluxe Multi Purpose Nipple Key


Take a look at the table below to view what the The Pedersoli Deluxe Multi-Purpose Nipple Key fits.

Pocket Pistols (1849, 1863)Full Size Pistols (1851, 1860, 1858)Single Shot PistolsSmaller Calibre rifles (.45 Kentucky etc.)Larger Calibre RiflesShotgunsMuskets

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