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The shotgun is perhaps the most democratic gun ever made, a practical and often ornate gun for peasant or prince. Used by generations of shooters, for hunting, sport or recreation and war, the muzzle loading shotgun is without doubt one of the most popular types of gun of all time. The main development of the shotgun occurred in the 19th century, with the period opening with flintlock fowling guns and muskets, and ending with breech loaders and recognizably 'modern' arms.

Antique Shotguns & MusketsSmoothbore guns were a mainstay of civilian sporting shooters and military, so it's no wonder the breadth of the innovation and design that went into them during this period. Shotguns bore the brunt of firearms innovation, with such designs as Forsyth's percussion system changing the firearms world forever.

We have a wide range of antique shotguns and muskets currently in stock, from early fowling pieces, to beautiful cased pinfire shotguns, and rare military muskets.

Here are some of our favourite antique shotguns and muskets.

Antique Shotguns & Muskets

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