Renowned in the muzzle loading world for its consistency and exceptional quality, Swiss Black Powder is ultimate choice for any shooter looking to get the best performance from their gun.

The Swiss Black Powder company was formed in 1853 and is the only black powder mill of its kind still operating in Switzerland. Still in their original premises on the banks of Lake Geneva, Swiss has the pedigree that makes it the best black powder on the market.

Henry Krank & Co are proud to be the sole UK importers of Swiss Black Powder.

Swiss Black Powder

Swiss Shooting Powders

Made of Alder Buckthorn Charcoal, the difference between Swiss Black Powder and other brands is immediately obvious, Swiss has a slightly silvery quality, due to the high quality of the charcoal used.

The quality control of Swiss is second to none, each batch is tested against a number of stringent criteria to ensure each batch is as consistent in performance as the last. Swiss Black Powder comes in a variety of granular sizes to suit all gun, from pistol to long gun.

Swiss Fuse Powders

Along with their exceptional range of shooting powders, they also produce Swiss OB, a superfine priming powder.

This powder is excellent for use in flintlocks and matchlocks, or for pre-priming percussion guns. Its superfine qualities make it highly efficient and will ignite in the pan of even the poorest sparking flintlock.

Swiss OB is available in a 250g container, and this highly efficient powder only needs to be used sparingly for full effect.

Type F equivalent Corns per gram Granulation (mm) Use Package size
Swiss No.1 FFFF 10-15000 0.25-0.5 Muzzle loading handgun 1kg
Swiss No.2 FFF 3-5000 0.5-0.8 Muzzle loading rifle 1kg
Swiss No.3 FF 1-2000 0.65-1.2 Muzzle loading rifle 1kg
Swiss No.4 1 ½ F 7-900 0.85-1.2 Muzzle loading rifle/shotgun 1kg
Swiss No.5 F 450-500 1.2-1.6 Muzzle loading rifle/shotgun 1kg

This chart is produced by Swiss Black Powder and is taken directly from their website.

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We also sell our own Henry Krank Black Powder, which is also an excellent range of powders for general shooting, to see our range of Henry Krank Black Powder, click here >>

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