Colt model black powder revolvers were amongst the first commercially successful black powder revolvers, largely due to their simplicity. It is easy to work on Colt revolvers, as there are few internal parts, all of which are simple to replace.

Depending on what part you need to replace, dictates how far the gun is disassembled. It is always good practise to clean thoroughly the disassembled gun, as fouling can affect the mechanism, and is often the cause of jams, stoppages or incorrect function.

Note, both Pietta and Uberti revolvers operate in the same way, so the disassembly process is the same. Should you need any spare parts however, please ensure you order the correct brand for your gun, as parts are not interchangeable between manufacturers.

  1. Remove the wedge, barrel and cylinder from the gun. (Note, this step cannot be performed on blank firing revolvers)
  2. Remove the rear back strap screw x 2 and the lower back strap screw. (fig 1 & 1a).

fig 1

fig 1a

3. You will now be able to remove the back strap and grip, this will reveal the mainspring. (fig 2).


fig 2

4. You can remove the main spring by undoing the screw at the base of the spring. (fig 3).


fig 3

5. You will now need to unscrew the lower trigger guard screws x 2 and the front trigger guard screw x 1. (fig 4 & 4a).


fig 4

fig 4a

6. Once this has been achieved you will see the twin legged trigger & bolt spring, unscrew the retaining screw. (fig 5).


fig 5

7. You can now remove the trigger and bolt screws on the side of the frame. (fig 6).


fig 6

8. This will release the trigger and the bolt. (fig 7).


fig 7

9. The next step is to remove the hammer screw. (fig 8.)


fig 8

10. Once removed the hammer can be moved down inside the frame housing to reveal the hand & spring. (fig 9).


fig 9

11. The hand will simply pull off from the hammer. (fig 10).


fig 10

12. To reassemble, replace any of the internal parts as required and simply reverse the above sequence. (fig11).


fig 11

13. Once assembled you will have to ensure the correct function and cycling of the pistol, it is of extreme importance that the cylinder lines up with the barrel. At times a new part may affect correct function of the gun, this is due to all other parts suffering different wear and affecting the timing of the revolver. In this case, the issue is almost certainly the hand, which can be altered with the use of a small file. This may have to be repeated a few times in order to ensure correct function.

Please note all Colt black powder revolvers follow the same guidelines, the 1873 Single Action Army in newer models do have a different indexing system, (hand & spring).

The only difference is the spring, this sits in a small hole below the left side back strap screw hole and is easily replaced, the hand part sits on the hammer as normal.

Replacing parts in single action black powder revolvers is simple, and proper maintenance helps keep your guns running in top condition for years to come.

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Uberti Colt 1851 exploded diagram.

Pietta Colt 1851 exploded diagram.

Uberti Colt 1860 exploded diagram.

Pietta Colt 1860 exploded diagram.