If you're in the market for a Black Powder Revolver, this blog is for you.

With so many black powder revolvers on offer, you might not always know exactly which is the right gun for you. Fortunately, we've drawn on past customer experiences to provide a handy Black Powder Revolver guide.

Black Powder Revolver

With so many different things to consider, here is a quick-fire chart to answer some common questions:

What variation do I need? Muzzle loading pistol, calibre .44 or .36
Is .44 or .36 better? Neither, when target shooting, both are equal.
Colt or Remington? Personal preference, Remington are marginally stronger with the closed frame, though Colt type guns are perfectly up to the job.
Which finish? Blued is traditional, stainless is slightly easier to clean.
Are they difficult to clean? No, clean the barrel and cylinder every time, a more detailed strip down occasionally.
Black Powder or a Black Powder substitute? Black powder. The guns are proofed for black powder, so always use black powder rather than a substitute.
Cast or swaged balls? Swaged for consistency in competition, cast for economy.
Pietta, Uberti or Pedersoli? Again, personal preference. Uberti make the most 'historically accurate' guns, though Pietta do a larger range, and Pedersoli are the ultimate in black powder quality.
Long or short barrel? Longer barrels generally give better accuracy and powder efficiency.
Which model is the most reliable? This is down to use and maintenance, when properly cleaned and maintained with correct fitting caps, any model will be reliable.
Are spares easily available? Yes, spares are available for all Pietta, Uberti and Pedersoli revolvers.