Our PPU ammunition is in constant demand, and with our latest Autumn 2018 delivery we are proud to announce we have expanded our range of PPU products. Customers in receipt of our new 2019 catalogue will have already noticed some new additions in our PPU line up, packaged in sleek new boxes for ammunition, and grab-bags for components, we hope you will be as pleased as we are with our newest range of PPU products, and we are now happy to say we have the following new products in stock and available now:

PPU Ammunition

A417 8x50mmR Lebel 200gr FMJ

The only commercial factory loaded 8x50mmR Lebel, with the traditional 200gr full metal jacketed bullet, this ammunition is suitable for rifles such as the Lebel, Berthier and M74 Gras. True to the original round, the PPU 8x50mmR Lebel also features the ring around the primer, suitable therefore for use in tubular magazine guns such as the Lebel.

B193 .22 Hornet 45gr SP

Our first offering designed specifically for .22 Hornet. An excellent bullet made for the high velocities of the calibre, this soft point bullet is perfect for small game hunting and target use.

B636 .30 (.300 Blackout) 125gr FMJ

Made for rifles chambered in .300 Blackout, a relative newcomer to the shooting scene, this calibre has nonetheless taken the firearms world by storm, for its superb accuracy and controllability. This 125gr full metal jacketed bullet from PPU is our first bullet designed specifically for this calibre.

B028 .30 (30-30 Winchester) 150gr FSP

30-30 Winchester has been popular for game shooting ever since its creation over 120 years ago, and continues to be a strong contender today. This .30 bullet is designed specifically for 30-30, and has a flat nosed soft point, perfect for use in lever action rifles.

B448 .45 405gr SJFP

Our first jacketed PPU bullet for 45/70 Government, this semi-jacketed flat point bullet is designed for hard hitting on larger game, and its flat point is likewise suitable for use in lever guns.

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