Fantastic range of antique personal pocket pistols available at Henry Krank & Co.

The 19th century was abound with brigands, thieves, wild dogs and other dangers, and no self-respecting lady or gentleman about town would be complete without some form of small, personal arm to defend against sundry ne'er-do-wells.

antique personal pocket pistols

As with other guns considered novelties today, personal defence pistols were in their infancy, and this consequently led to a great number of designers and inventors trying to corner the market for a short range, easy to use pistol.

Available in all sorts of weird and wonderful designs, mechanisms, and sizes, from the relatively practical Colt Derringers, to the entirely bizarre Chicago Pocket Protector and Kolibri pistols. We may chuckle at their quaint and unusual designs today, but it is humbling to think people may have had to trust their lives to such devices.

antique personal pocket pistols

Marketed often at ladies, such as the Chicago Pocket Protector, or for a specific purpose, such as the Velodog pistol, early pocket pistols offer a fascinating insight into late 19th century firearms design when all the usual things that make a good gun are disregarded.

Here at Henry Krank & Co, we love weird and wonderful small arms, and early pocket pistols are no exception. We have a lovely range of mid-late 19th century pocket pistols available for sale now.

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