Pedersoli's reproduction Malcolm scopes come in three different varieties. The scope itself is a blued tube with a magnification of 6x. With varying scope lengths and mounts, the Malcolm scope is a diverse product capable of improving the accuracy of any Pedersoli rifle. A reproduction of the famous Malcolm scope, as produced by William Malcolm of Syracuse, New York, and used to great effect by hunters and target shooters in the latter decades of the 19th century. It is an entirely blued design, with a blued scope body, screw in lens covers and fittings.

Pedersoli Malcolm Scopes

William Malcolm first produced these scopes in 1855, and they were used right through the 'old West' period, and reportedly until WWII. They were popular with soldiers, hunters and target shooters alike, and were especially popular amongst Buffalo hunters, requiring a sturdy scope to handle the rough recoil of Buffalo rifles.

Military snipers prior to the invention of the Malcolm scope rarely shot beyond 300 yards with any regularity or precision, however, this scope increased the effective range of muzzle loading and early cartridge guns exponentially. They were used by Col. Berdan's sharpshooter regiment during the American Civil War, amongst others, and quickly drew a reputation for fiercely accurate rifle fire.

When these scopes were first introduced, they were found to be a vast improvement over earlier attempts to provide a sturdy and reliable optic for the guns of the day. They were used by both sides during the American Civil War, and it was found that when fitted to guns such as the Whitworth Rifle, or the Enfield, a skilled shooter was capable of reliably hitting targets at ranges of up to 1000 yards, an unheard of feat in those days.


The Pedersoli Malcolm Short Scope 6x

The body of the scope is an entirely blued design, with a blued scope body, screw in lens covers and fittings. The scope has a 6x magnification with a 3/4'' (19mm) tube diameter, 18'' (457mm) overall length and is nitrogen filled with fully coated optics. This scope comes with a heavy duty Unertl style scope mount, as was the limit of technology for late 19th century scopes. This model is 18 overall, and is therefore best fitted to any range of Pedersoli guns, where barrel overhang will not be a problem.


The Pedersoli Malcolm Hunting Model 6x

This scope represents a foray into longer range shooting. This scope can be fitted to the longest Pedersoli guns for shooting out to extreme ranges, it comes fitted with a removable 5" extension tube, for a full length of 30 and is nitrogen filled with fully coated optics, completing the look for any of Pedersoli's longer rifles. This style of scope is what most people imagine when they think of Old West style rifle scopes. Made of blued steel, with brass fittings and scope covers, the Hunting model is made to a very high standard, and is supplied with heavy duty windage and elevation adjustable mounts, designed to handle the recoil of the heaviest cartridges.


The Pedersoli Malcolm Medium/Long Range 6x scope

The body, or scope, of this model is the same as in the Hunting model. It is a full length 30 scope with a removable 5 extension tube fitted and is nitrogen filled with fully coated optics, designed for fitting on the longer Pedersoli rifles. It is likewise made with blued steel, with brass fittings and scope covers. The Malcolm Medium/Long Range scope also comes with high precision mounts, for minute adjustment in windage and elevation, by a screw Vernier system. This also means the mount is incredibly secure, helping the shooter get the most from their scope and gun combination.

Malcolm Scopes

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