How to pick the right muzzle loading cleaner and lubricant

We sell a lot of different lubricants and cleaners, but what do they all do? With lubricants and cleaners, one size does not fit all, and each product has it’s own purpose. Some are more versatile than others, but all are necessary in one way or another to good shooting. So without further ado, here’s each lubricant and cleaner we sell listed with it’s intended purpose.

Brunox Turbo Spray

This is one of the most versatile products we offer. It will clean nitro fouling, lubricate parts, penetrate and free rusted components and protect from corrosion. It’s like WD-40, but better.

Suitable for: Gun cleaning, general lubrication and protection of metals.

Available as a 300ml spray100ml pump spray, 100ml dropper bottle100ml dropper with 4x2 offer.

Brunox IX100 Corrosion Inhibitor

This is a thick, waxy protection spray. It doesn’t lubricate or clean, but it protects metal from atmospheric corrosion better than anything else. Spray it on a metal surface, and the spray will harden, forming a thick barrier preventing moisture from corroding the surface. If you’re putting something away for long term storage, this will keep it from getting tarnished.

Suitable for: Heavy duty, long term corrosion protection.

Available as a 300ml spray

Wonder Lube 1000 Plus Cleaner (Black Powder Solvent)

A concentrated solution designed specifically for cleaning black powder fouling. This solvent is much more effective at removing black powder residue than water alone, and makes cleaning black powder guns a lot easier. It can either be used neat or diluted with regular water.

Suitable for: Cleaning black powder/black powder substitute fouling.

Available as an 8oz bottle, or 8oz bottle with spray nozzle.

Wonder Lube 1000 Plus

Wonder Lube 1000 Plus 8oz

The ultimate all round muzzle loading lubricant. Suitable for pan lubing bullets, patch lubrication or sealing muzzle loading revolver cylinders. This lubricant also softens fouling to make future loading and cleaning easier.

Suitable for: Any muzzle loading use

Available in 4oz tub, 8oz tub4oz tube

Liquid Wonder Lube

The same compound as the Wonder Lube 1000 Plus, but liquid at room temperature for easier patch or wad lubrication.

Suitable for: Patch lubrication, wad lubrication.

Available in 8oz bottle.

Competition Patch Lube

Suitable for lubricating patches to make loading easier. Lubricated patches are both easier to load, and will soften fouling to reduce the chance of getting a ball stuck.

Suitable for: Patch lubrication, wad lubrication.

Available in 8oz bottle

Stick Bullet Lube

Bullet Lube

A hard, waxy lubricant suitable for projectile lubrication. This lube can either be melted for pan lubing, or used in a press lube and sizing tool.

Suitable for: Bullet lubrication

Available as 1in x 5in stick.

Ox Yoke Anti Seize Lube

Necessary to prevent parts rusting into place and making future maintenance easier. Apply to the threads of nipples, breech plugs, touch hole liners when cleaning to make sure you can remove them with ease next time. This lubricant will not break down under pressure and heat from firing, and will keep parts free and ready for cleaning.

Suitable for: Lubricating nipple and breech plug threads, lubricating other moving parts.

Available in 1/4oz tin.

Beeswax Ingot

Pure beeswax, best used as a hardening additive to other lubricants when pan lubing bullets.

Suitable for: Pan lubing, mixing with other lubricants.

Available in 1oz ingots.

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