Update (8th August 2023) - Ardesa are no longer manufacturing these cannon. To view the remaining cannon that we have in stock, click here.

Our range of Ardesa Miniature Muzzle Loading Cannon are ever popular and a great way to have a different shooting experience at the range. Miniaturised reproductions of full-size field guns of the era, these cannon are small enough to be loaded and operated by one person, and convenient enough to be a frequent range visitor. Competitions such as the MLAGB (Muzzle Loading Association of Great Britain) 25 yard miniature cannon competition have propelled these niche guns into popularity, and mini cannon shooting is now and up and coming discipline in the muzzle loading world.

Our Muzzle Loading Cannon are manufactured by Ardesa in Spain, long known for their skill and craftsmanship in producing muzzle loading guns. Each cannon comes mounted to its period correct carriage, with the correct screw for elevating. Our cannon can be purchased on a firearms certificate with a variation for a .50 or .69 muzzle loading cannon.

Ardesa Muzzle Loading Cannon

Simple to use and operate, they're similar to loading a muzzle loading pistol. Each cannon takes a patched ball atop powder charge, either with wad or without. The cannon is then set on the shooting table, primed, aimed and is ready to fire! The larger .69 Napoleon III comes with ground anchoring spike to minimise rearward travel, as the gun is larger than it's .50 counterpart and is better suited to shooting rested on the ground.

As with all muzzle loading guns, the Ardesa cannon are black powder only, loading advice is included.

We have included a handy comparison table below which includes all 5 different Ardesa Muzzle Loading Cannons that we currently offer.

Muzzle Loading Cannon Size Guide

Napoleon III Standard Napoleon III Deluxe Napoleon III Standard Napoleon III Deluxe Mini York Town Standard
Calibre .50 .50 .69 .69 .50
Height 150mm 150mm 300mm 300mm 150mm
Length 340mm 340mm 700mm 700mm 320mm
Weight 1350g 1350g 7750g 7750g 1400g
Barrel Length 190mm 190mm 368mm 368mm 190mm
Finish Polished Steel Brass Polished Steel Brass Polished Steel
Lead Ball Size .490 .490 .675 .675 .490
Patch size .010 .010 .015 .015 .010
Product Code 1198A-50 1198B-50 1198D-69 1198E-69 1198G-50
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