The LEE Auto Breech Lock Pro is a LESS sophisticated progressive press that sits in between Lee Precisions turret presses and their fully progressive presses. This makes the Auto Breech Lock Pro the perfect tool if you are considering upgrading from a turret press but do not feel comfortable going fully progressive.


Although they are great pieces of kit, most progressive presses need a lot of adjustments and have so many integrated functions that they have to be shipped partially set up in one calibre. Switching calibres is both complicated and time consuming and these issues tend to put people off purchasing them. With the new Auto Breech Lock Pro all of that is gone. Setting up and using this press is much easier than a fully progressive press and they make the perfect choice for that 'next step' press after the turret.

The kit comes pretty much complete and all you need to add is the appropriate shell plate and a set of dies. You can add 'optional extras' like a Safety prime and a powder measure later on to increase the degree of automation, so this again allows you to move towards being more progressive if and when you feel the need. The press holds 4 dies allowing you to use a factory crimp die if required and breech lock bushings are included for fast die changeovers.


Setting up the press is very quick and easy, using the detailed instructions provided, and dies are installed and adjusted in accordance with their instructions. Accessible via Henry Krank website, there is also a useful instructional video produced by Lee, included at the end of this article.

The auto breech lock press uses a different sequence to the turret press; when the carrier is in the down position a head is placed onto a case, when the carrier is raised a primer and a case are inserted into the appropriate positions and powder is added to a case. The new sequence is very simple and easy to get used to and important operations like primer seating are still feelable, which is very reassuring.


This is a great press, and great value for money. The build quality is good, as you would expect from Lee, and setting it up could not be easier. For anyone looking to move on from a turret press this is a great bit of kit. Features like the wooden roller handle make it a dream to use and it is definitely worth checking out.

ORDER your LEE Auto Breech Lock Pro here.