Most gun owners know that firearms need to be cleaned regularly to keep them in safe working order. Did you know the same is true for blank guns? In this guide on how to clean blank firing revolvers, we break down a step-by-step procedure, look at safety precautions and let you know what gun cleaning supplies you'll need.

Just like its live ammo counterpart, a blank gun use cartridges that contain gunpowder that can leave a residue or sediment every time the gun is fired. If you want to be sure that the blank gun will function perfectly for its next use, regular cleaning is essential.

Let's take a look at the procedures and safety measures to use to clean and care for blank guns.

Blank Firer Cleaning

Step-by-Step Guide To Cleaning a Blank Firer

Due to current regulations on blank firing western style revolvers, you will find cleaning them can be fairly difficult.

The main issue is that you cannot strip them down for a thorough cleaning, so we have to adapt to this problem.

Here is how best you can achieve this:

  1. Ensure the pistol is not loaded with a blank cartridge.
  2. Use a suitable cleaning solution, such as Brunox, and an appropriate sized cleaning brush (around 35 cal should be sufficient).
  3. Start from cleaning the front of each individual chamber and proceed to the rear and repeat. (Ensure there is a liberal coating of cleaning solvent/oil on the brush).
  4. To ensure a sufficient overall clean you can remove the trigger guard and backstrap to remove any fowling in the mechanism.
  5. If there are any difficulties do not hesitate to contact our team who will happily help in any queries you may have.

Blank Firer Cleaning

How to Safely Clean Blank Firing Revolvers

A blank firer should never be played with, or treated any differently than a real firearm. When cleaning a blank gun, use the same eye protection you would for a live ammo firearm. Also be sure to clean your blank gun in a well-ventilated area.

Treat a blank gun like a real one lock it away, separate from blank cartridges, when it is not in use.

Blank Firer Cleaning

To view the Henry Krank Blank Firer Instruction Guide click here.

Gun Cleaning Supplies

Henry Krank stock a whole range of gun care and maintenance products including: gun cleaning kits, oils and lubricants, bore snakes and more. Take a look at the best gun cleaning supplies  including Brunox suitable for blank firers - and place your order online.


Sales of Blank Firers

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