From what size ammo you should use to the best equipment to keep your slingshot fed with ammo, keep reading to find out how to cast your own slingshot ammo.

What size ammo should you use for slingshots?

With such a wide variety of sizes on offer, it's hard to know which one to choose. Most slingshot shooters opt for balls between 8mm to 12mm, as this offers the greatest range with the most power. Lead balls are a popular choice, as they come in many different sizes, and are dense enough to offer a good level of power. They are also cheap and can be re-used.

Slingshot Ammo

Can you cast your own lead slingshot ammo?

Yes, casting your own is one of the best ways to keep your slingshot fed with ammo. It is simple to do, all you need is a lead melting pot, a mould and of course, some scrap lead. When casting your own balls, you can also use balls you have previously fired, making it an efficient and cheap way to keep shooting.

Lee Production Pot IV

A Lee Production Pot, often referred to as a 'melting' pot.

What moulds do I need to cast my own lead balls for a slingshot?

Here's a quick comparison chart of the most popular lead ball sizes for use in a slingshot. Remember, other sizes are available both smaller and larger, so if you can't find the one for you, click here to view our full range. All our moulds are precision made by Lee Precision, and are a universal choice for casters. The higher the cavity of the mould the more balls you get per casting.

A Lee Double Cavity Ball Mould

A Lee Double Cavity Ball Mould, SKU 90418

Chart showing moulds available:

Diameter Imperial equivalent Approx weight
8mm .330 50 grains
9mm .360 71 grains
10mm .395 91 grains
11mm .433 122 grains
12mm .490 177 grains

Click here to view our full range of Lee Precision Round Ball Moulds

What equipment do I need to make slingshot ammo?

LEE Mould

Producing your own ammo for your slingshot is very simple. All you need is a melting pot, a mould (as described above), and some lead. All that is required is to melt the lead in the melting pot, and cast straight into the mould, and you will have a perfectly round lead ball for your slingshot. It's advisable to cast outdoors, or in a well ventilated space, but other than that, there's not much to it.

How much does it cost to make my own slingshot ammo?

You can cast around 150 lead balls from a kilo of lead, much cheaper than buying pre cast or steel balls! A kilo of lead costs around £5, but you can also use roof flashing, lead pipe, wheel weights or any other scrap lead to bring your costs down. To view our full range of moulds, click here, and to view our melting pot, click here.

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