At Henry Krank we recognise that our customer's passion for shooting goes beyond a physical gun. As keen shooters ourselves, we understand the joy behind discovering those unique facts and figures about our favourite firearms, or the surprising history behind even the most well-known names in the shooting industry.

This combined history culminates in wealth of knowledge recorded over the years in print. During the Henry Krank lifetime, we have amassed a huge collection of new and used second hand books on a wide variety of topics.

Henry Krank Second Hand Books

Henry Krank's Second Hand Book Collection

From hunting to duelling, military antiques and early percussion firearms, our collection ranges from best sellers to rare collectible books about shooting. Many of these publications are now out of print, from individual books to entire collections.

Don't waste any more time trawling through car boot sales or second hand bookshops. Over a number of years, Henry Krank have done the hard work for you and compiled a large selection covering a range of subjects. We have reduced our prices of these books by 45%.

A few of our favourite reads

We thought we would share a couple of our favourite reads with you. These publications are popular texts amongst shooters and collectors, by some of the most familiar authors in the field.

The Revolver 1865-1888 by A. W. F Taylerson

A.W.F. Taylerson is one of our industry's most prolific authors. You'll find several titles of his in our collection.

The Revolver 1865-1888, authored by Taylerson, R. Andrews, is the full story of our early revolving arms and the steps by which they became side-arms of multitudes. The hardback book features 292 pages.

Condition: secondhand, published 1966.

Early Percussion Firearms by Lewis Winant

Lewis Winant is a world authority on early firearms, and this book remains one of the most important works on the subject. It is lucid and concise, and exposes many widely-held misconceptions. Winant gives a thorough account of the short but fascinating period in gunmaking that separates the era of friction ignition from that of the 'fixed cartridge.

The text is supported by 224 black and white plates, 11 diagrams, a valuable six-page bibliography and an index. Collectors of 19th-century firearms will find this book indispensable.

Condition: secondhand, published 1970.

The World's Great Guns by Frederick Wilkinson

F. Wilkinson, a schoolmaster by profession, first became interested in guns in the course of history studies. He is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject and has lectured extensively on the history and collecting of arms and armour.

The World's Great Guns is a story of the guns that have helped to shape the course of human history. Wilkinson traces the story of firearms from the first crude weapons of the medieval battlefield down to the formidable armoury of the twentieth-century soldier. Each chapter takes a particular type of firearm and explains how it was created, how it improved upon its predecessor and the drawbacks that made the men look around for something better.

The book is illustrated with 120 full colour pictures and 250 black and white.

Condition: secondhand, published 1977.

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If you're looking to treat yourself and learn more about a particular subject you're interested in, we're confident you will find something that will inspire or delight.

As many of them are no longer in print or hard to find publications, once they're gone they're gone.

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We also have new books in stock

Henry Krank also have a selection of new publications in stock, which range from the bestselling Lee Modern Reloading by Richard Lee, a popular reference book that any reloader will find valuable.

Our collection of new books cover topics from airguns to gunsmithing and British shotguns. Less of a collector's item and more of a useful source of information, we're sure you will spot something amongst this range of titles to supplement your knowledge.

Browse our entire catalogue of new books and order online.