Henry Krank & Co. are proud and honoured to be sponsoring the National Rifle Association's Trafalgar Meeting 2020 on the 17th to 18th of October 2020 at Bisley.

Trafalgar Meeting 2020

This Meeting is full of character, with competitors seen entering into the spirit of the event and some wearing appropriate clothing for the firearms used at the time

The guns being used attract attention especially when, what is basically a museum piece, can be seen in full operational glory. This offers the pleasurable opportunity to use, view and handle historical, classic and vintage arms. Museums and private collectors do preserve our heritage firearms, however practical use by shooters with knowledge of these guns adds another dimension. These firearms being shot across the ranges is a reminder of the history of their development, from flint muzzle-loader or matchlock, to breech-loading nitro cartridge firearms

As the top supplier of muzzle loading and antique firearms in the country, we're proud to put our name to such a prestigious event.

To show our appreciation of the competitors helping keep muzzle loading as popular as it is, each competitor will get a complimentary 'goodie bag' from Henry Krank & Co that includes our latest 2021 catalogue! Under normal circumstances, we would have loved to have attended in person to present the awards and meet the shooters, but unfortunately, we can't this year due to obvious circumstances. Nevertheless, we will be there in spirit and wish all competitors the best of luck.

Remember, if you want to enter, the deadline for entries is the 13th October, so get registered as soon as you can!

For more information, and to register, click here >>