Henry Krank & Lee Precision having been working together for over 30 years to bring Lee Reloading Equipment to the UK.

Well before the days of ordering online, we imported Lee equipment from the States and sold thousands of pieces through our mail order catalogue. Today, we sell tens of thousands of pieces of reloading equipment through our website and by supplying lots of gun shops in the UK. View our full range of Lee Reloading Equipment here.

Lee reloading equipment is as popular today as it's always been. We stock an incredible range of Lee, in fact so much so that we have dedicated an entire floor of one of our warehouses to Lee products! No one in the UK can match our extensive selection. We've been selling reloading equipment for over three decades so we know what people need. In fact one staff member is still here and has been involved in every single Lee order that has ever been placed!

Lee Reloading Equipment

A little about the history of Lee
(supplied form the Lee Precision website):

The Lee reloading business began in the home workshop of Richard Lee in 1958 with the invention of the famous Lee Loader for shotgun shells. Lee Loaders, for rifle and pistol ammunition, were invented in the early sixties. These highly effective and economical tools introduced over one and a half million shooters to reloading.

The seventies saw the first lathe turned aluminium bullet moulds along with melters and sizers. These make casting bullets easy and more precise than ever before possible. The moulds are so precise that most Lee bullets do not require sizing. Toward the mid decade, the enormously popular Lee Load-All for shotgun shells was invented.

The huge following of Lee Loader users enthusiastically upgraded to new Lee presses and dies when they were introduced in the eighties. Many owners of other brands of dies and presses were easily won over because of the innovative features offered only by Lee. During this period, tens of thousands' of reloaders enjoyed the speed and fun of reloading with the Lee Turret Press and the most popular of all progressive presses the Lee Pro 1000.

Lee Reloading Equipment

Initially, every Lee product is distinctly different from products offered by other companies. Soon however, other companies imitate our inventions and offer products almost as good, but at higher prices. Dies, presses, crimpers, powder measures, priming tools, scales, bullet moulds, melters, bullet sizers, lubricants, turrets, trimmers and many accessories are all inventions introduced by Lee and copied by others.

Lee Precision Factory

Lee products available at Henry Krank

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