This free nitro powder comparison burn rate chart shows current powders in order of approximate burning rate.

Click here to download a copy of the burn rate chart.

What Information Is Shown On a Nitro Powder Comparison Burn Rate Chart?

It shows what equivalent powders to the one you may already use are in the different makes available. The chart names popular brands of reloading powder across the top and lists the varieties of powder available in each brand below. By scanning the row from left to right, you are able to see which are the nearest brands to the powder you already use.

Please note that burn rate charts can never reflect the differences between powders in the correct proportion, and can only place powders in approximate burn rate envelopes.


How To Use a Powder Burn Rate Comparison Chart

Actual burning rates can vary on the calibre, weapon, loading components and practices, as well as from powder to powder lot. As a consequence it must be understood that Henry Krank cannot accept any responsibility for the use of this comparative powder burning rate information in any way. This is provided for information only.


Reloading Data

This chart should not be used to calculate loads. For more information about calculating load, you should consult reputable load guides and manuals.

To get started, we've compiled a list of all of the free load data we have available on the Henry Krank website, which you can view by reading our blog on where to find reloading data.


Which Powder is Similar to Hodgdon Varget?

With the changes in REACH legislation, we know that many of you may be looking for an equivalent powder to Varget. Take a look at our blog post on what is the best alternative to Varget once it's no longer available.

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