Gun care is critical, we all know this and with a range companies all claiming to have the best products we decided to choose what we thought was the best and pass it on to our customers.

That's why we're proud to announce our partnership with Flitz Premium Polishing products. We've been a stockist of Flitz for over a year, we're now pleased to see it going from strength to strength amongst in the UK community - take a look at our full range here.

The Premium Polishing Products made by Flitz really are in a league of their own, so we thought we'd give them the spotlight.

We took one of our Uberti Henry Trapper rifles from the shop and gave it the Flitz treatment, with a range of customers having handled the trapper this would surely be a true test of it's mettle, (pun of the year?). With nothing more than a roll of 4x2 and a few drops of Metal Polish Paste our resident elbow grease professional John got to work on the much loved rifle.

In just 5 minutes a dull gun was shining brightly once again. All those oils, prints and marks were eradicated in no time leaving the brass metalwork to do it's thing. We could keep bleating on about it, but why not let the brass work speak for itself.

Flitz Metal Polish Before & After

We hope you can see just how much of a difference Flitz makes. Don't forget though, the external process is only half the battle, internal gun care is just as, if not more critical. Check out our whole range of gun care products here.

To view the full selection of Flitz polishing products, click here

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