We have recently added a large collection of antique cartridges from across the 19th century. From early original leather wrapped baker rifle bullets to unusual brass cartridges, we have a fantastic selection of antique and collectable ammunition to complete any collection. To view the full collection, click here.

Collectible Antique Ammunition

Many of our collectable bullets and ammunition are excavated American Civil War finds, including rare patent Springfield bullets, like the Williams Cleaner type bullet, to unusual loadings such as the .58 Minie Skin cartridges.

Original Excavated Williams Cleaner Patent Bullet Pre Civil War Paper Wrapped Musket Ball Original Billinghurst Requa Cartridge .58 Rare Original 54 Bore 'Dustbin' Cartridge Very Rare .58 Skin Cartridge

We all know antique guns are something of a scarcity, but the projectiles themselves can be much rarer. As small, discardable items, many have not survived until the present day, and there are as few (if not fewer) surviving examples of the ammunition these guns fired, than the guns themselves. Add to this the fact that many of our examples have been excavated from camps, battlefields and similar, increases the mystique of these items and elevates them beyond crude chunks of lead.

All our collectible antique ammunition are verified as obsolete and inert, and can be purchased without a licence and sent straight to your door.

We have an excellent range of Antique Shooting Accessories to browse and purchase on our website. From Antique Flasks to Moulds & Loading Tools, be sure to check them out here.

All our antiques can be purchased on our website, and can be delivered direct to your door. If you'd like more information, or to order, please email [email protected] or telephone 0113 256 9163.

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