Cannon are an unusual interest in the antique gun world, one you may not have considered before. Compared to some more exotic antique guns, cannon are relatively simple, and the interest therefore lies in their decorative and historical detail.

One of the oldest forms of firearms, the design of the cannon remained relatively unchanged from its invention in the 12th century right until the invention of the breech loader in the mid-19th century. Given a cannon is little more than a tube of cast metal, there is a great scope for decoration and other embellishment.

Antique Cannon


The decoration of cannon originally started as a functional addition, with reinforced breeches and muzzles to add strength to areas most prone to failure in imperfect castings. Over time, these shapes gave rise to more intricate castings and decoration, making the cannon unique to the foundry that cast it, or the individual or nation that ordered it.

By the 19th century, cannon were resplendent with intricate castings, shields and other decorative work, whilst still being as functional and deadly as ever. Our range of antique cannon are on the smaller side, probably intended as decorative pieces originally, and highlight fully the skill of the foundrymen and cannon makers of the day. Made usually of iron or bronze, antique cannon make a fantastic centrepiece of any antiques collection.

Antique Cannons


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