With the recent changes to REACH legislation in the UK, Varget reloading powder will no longer be available by mid-2018. If Varget by Hodgdon is your current reloading powder you may soon find yourself on the lookout for a Varget alternative that is just as versatile.

Best Alternative to Varget

Ramshot TAC

The closest equivalent to Varget in the UK is Ramshot TAC. Ramshot covers a range of six rifle and three handgun calibre powders. Made in Belgium, these powders provide consistently high standards for both serious and recreational shooters. Henry Krank have been exclusive distributors of Ramshot Reloading Powders for several years. The Ramshot range covers five rifle and three handgun calibre powders. All powders come in a 454g/1lb bottle. These powders cover a range of hunting and shooting:

For more information about each type of powder, visit the Ramshot page on our website or look at our blog post on Ramshot reloading powders.

Nearest Alternative to Varget Is Ramshot TAC

The best alternative to Varget once it is no longer available in the UK is Ramshot TAC.

TAC is a double-base spherical propellant that sets the standard for extreme accuracy and reliability with heavy bullets in the 223 Remington and Match applications in 308 Winchester. Excellent flow characteristics ensure consistent metering and charge weights for repeatable results demand precision and accuracy.

Best equivalent to Varget


Reloading Powder Comparison Chart and Loading Data

Using a nitro-powder comparison burn rate chart nitro-powder comparison burn rate chart can indicate other candidate propellants that are ranked close to Varget. However, you still must research other sources to determine safe reloading recipes using the alternate powders. This information is all available for free from our website.

The easy to use loading data in the official Ramshot Reloading Guide for these powders can be found free on our website as a downloadable PDF.

Ramshot loading data is also included in all popular reloading manuals including the Modern Reloading, 2nd edition by Richard Lee, which can also be purchased via our website.

How to Order Your Ramshot Reloading Powder

For UK sales of Ramshot powders no license is required. To place an order simply give us a call or pop into our store. You must be over 18 to purchase these items.

Ramshot can be delivered directly to your door.

Please contact our friendly team to place an order for Ramshot reloading powders or if you have any questions.

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