If you don’t have a cased percussion revolver, are you even a Victorian?

Antique cased guns are nothing new, as it simply made sense in the age of the muzzle loader to keep all accessories in one place, as the gun is near enough useless without most of the accessories.

Seldom was this more true than with muzzle loading revolvers, that required particular tools in order to make it function.

antique cased revolver

With a shotgun or even a rifle, there is much more leeway in the components that can be safely used, though muzzle loading revolvers require specific sized balls and correct percussion caps to function safely.

It is therefore often the case that many fine antique revolvers come cased, with their specific accessories in order to keep everything safe and together.

It is easy to imagine that it would have been quite the undertaking, for several craftsmen, to create a cased revolver, requiring not only the skills of the gunmaker and associated trades to create the gun itself, but also various other craftsmen to create and line the case, and provide the sundry other accessories required to make up the complete set.

A cased revolver may be seen as a microcosm of Victorian craftsmanship, and we are fortunate that so many have been kept with the care with which they were made and survive largely intact today.

Antique Cased Revolvers

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