Many of the team at Henry Krank are shooters.

Here's what James Evans has to say about his favourite product:

'Of all the things that I have purchased at Henry Krank, the Lee Load All 2 has provided the most enjoyment. With this product I have been able to load my own cartridges to my own specifications, being able to experiment with subsonic cartridges (Hushpower) steel shot cartridges, black powder cartridges and even experimenting with containing the shot in a paper cup to provide a better group at a distance! I can't say that everything I tried was successful, but I have enjoyed the process.

The Lee Load All II

Lee even has conversion kits to easily change calibre of the load all, I find when I am shooting calibres like 16 and 20 bore the options for factory made cartridges can be slim pickings. Being able to load a 21-gram 16g when they are not commercially available has let my try out different loads to suit the situation.

Paper Primed Shotgun Cases

With the move to non-toxic cartridges for game, and with the current options being so high in cost, I have enjoyed the versatility in loading my own cartridges for live game shoots, even being able to use my 20g shotgun where normally I would be stuck with my 12, which can be heavy when carried for a long time.'

View the Lee Load All II here.

Lee Load All Conversion Kit available to order here.