A tool for every occasion, antique powder flasks and accessories now available at Henry Krank & Co.

Antique guns are appreciated for their beauty and skill of manufacture as much as their function, and powder flasks and other accessories are no less diverse in their styling and artistic merit.

Reflecting the tastes and styles of the era, antique powder flasks are a fantastic insight into the creativity and artistic talents of the maker, and the tastes of the time. A powder flask is a small, uncomplicated container, therefore considerable efforts may be devoted to their decoration and construction without affecting function at all. This leads to any number of styles, shapes and materials, with a good many being undoubtedly unique pieces.

Antique Flask

Beauty asides, powder flasks and other accessories are integral to the function of antique arms. It is a joy to use antique guns with their original accessories, and experience shooting as it would have been done all those centuries ago.

Henry Krank & Co offer the full package when it comes to antique flasks and accessories, from practical accessories to put in cased sets, to highly decorated flasks to be appreciated for their own sake.

Antique Flasks


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