Ensure accuracy when shooting your Black Powder Revolver

Follow these 17 simple rules below (kindly supplied by Pedersoli) to ensure complete accuracy every time when firing your black powder revolvers.

Black Powder Revolver

The 17 Rules:

  1. Always do everything the same way.
  2. While developing your load change only one element one time.
  3. Limit your load to the lightest possible still giving a tight group.
  4. Use corn meal filler to lift the ball to the level of the mouth of the chamber.
  5. Use the same volume of corn meal in all the chambers.
  6. Slug your bore and use a ball matching the groove to groove diameter of your bore.
  7. Slug your chambers: it should size the ball close to your groove to groove diameter.
  8. Slug all your chambers: all chambers must have the same diameter.
  9. Check the gap between the barrel breach and cylinder at all the six positions. The size of the gap is secondary. Primary it must be the same at every chamber.
  10. Check the size of the vent holes in the nipples frequently. Change the nipples when the hole is enlarged by 0.1 mm.
  11. Always apply the same force when ramming the ball in place.
  12. Check if your bore is perfectly in line with your chambers.
  13. Use good quality soft lubrication on the balls.
  14. Apply always the same amount of grease.
  15. Use only clean burning good quality black powder.
  16. Weight your bullets and powder charges as well with 0.1 grain accuracy.
  17. If you shoot an open top revolver check if the cylinder axis is not loose, it fits perfectly in the hole on the barrel assembly. Check the wedge after each shot, to have the same gap between the cylinder and barrel breach each time.


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