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    PELLET Digital Scale PLT-10

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    The PELLET SCALE digital powder scale PLT-10 has a range of fantastic features and is a must for any air gun shooter looking to shoot consistent and accurate pellets. Learn More

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    MTM Mini Digital Reloading Scales

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    Mini Digital Reloading Scale From first time reloaders to competitive gun and archery shooters, MTM Case-Gard introduces a pocket sized scale that is sure to satisfy all level of sportsmen. It features an easy to read, backlit LCD display, powder pan, custom designed to facilitate bullet, powder and arrow weighing, up to 750 grain capacity, stainless steel sensory platform, a high-quality and a foam lined case for permanent storage and protected travel. Learn More
    Price: £56.70
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    RELOADR Digital Powder Scale RLD-20

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    The RELOADR digital powder scale RLD-20 has a range of fantastic features and is a must for any shooter looking to reload their ammunition with consistency and accuracy in mind. Learn More
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    Lee Powder Funnel is a large, unbreakable funnel that fits all cases from 22 to 45 calibre.

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    Electronic Digital Caliper

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    Electronic Digital Caliper - exceptional value for money. Very helpful to measure inside and outside diameters and depths. Imperial or metric reading. 150mm/6inch caliper, accurate to within .001 inch. Complete with carry case and 1 x SR44 battery. Learn More
    Price: £19.99
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    MTM Universal Powder Funnel Set

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    For serious reloaders, the Universal Powder Funnel set is designed for those who load multiple calibers. Once you purchase our Universal Funnel Set, you will never need another funnel. Learn More
    Price: £22.15
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    Smart Reloader BPT Baby Powder Trickler

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    Smart Reloader BPT Baby Powder Trickler. Guarantees an excellent stability thanks to its low centre of gravity. The BPT allows the reloader to accurately bring underweight charges up to an accurate reading. Learn More
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    RELOADR Marksman Digital Reloading Scale RMM-100

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    The RELOADR MARKSMAN digital reloading scale provides exceptional reliability for ammo reloaders. The clear plastic cover keeps the scale protected and can also function as an expansion tray, giving you room to weigh a number of items. Includes two AAA batteries. Backed by a Three Year Limited Warranty.

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    Price: £35.00
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    Berrys Powder Funnel Set

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    Berrys Powder Funnel Set
    • One small and one large funnel.
    • Transparent inserts fit .17 CAL. - .50 CAL.
    • Fits over the brass case mouth.
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    Price: £8.20

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