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The Swedish M96 Target Rifle - An Unsung Hero

The Swedish M96 Target Rifle - An Unsung Hero
By Tom Metcalf-Jackson 1 month ago 721 Views No comments

The Swedish Mauser Rifle is one of the best kept secrets of Service Rifle shooting. Despite not seeing as much active service as its decidedly more famous German counterparts, the Swedish Mauser M96 Service Rifle is nevertheless an exceptional target rifle, capable of accuracy surpassing that of the M98 Mausers. Chambered for 6.5x55 Swedish, one of the oldest and arguably one of the best full bore rifle rounds still around today, it is partially this round that makes the Swedish Mauser such an exceptional rifle. Flat shooting over a long distance, the 6.5x55 Swedish round excels at both target shooting and hunting, and it is this robustness that has cemented it's place among one of the greatest calibres of all, and made it one of the longest continuous production cartridges of all time.

Utilising a pre-98 cock on close action, similar to the Lee Enfield, and with a five round internal magazine common to the majority of Mauser rifles, the M96 Swedish Mauser is a full length service rifle, designed for effective and precise shooting up to 600 yards, with careful shooting the M96 Swedish Mauser is capable of distances exceeding 1000 yards. The Swedish target rifle Mauser is today a popular choice for target shooters, hunters and even Olympic Athletes.

We have a limited number of Swedish Mauser M96 Custom Target Rifles available for sale. Made by the Carl Gustav factory during WWI, our M96 Custom rifles are lightly modified variants of the classic Swedish M96 Mauser, made for precision target shooting. Fitted with dioptre front and rear sights, the rear sights are fully adjustable for windage and elevation to allow for the maximum variation in shooting conditions, and is clear and easy to use, presenting a great target picture. The M96 is fully stocked in beech and has a custom fitted pistol grip for more effective shooting over the standard straight stock. If the standard M96 was good, this one's better.

Our Swedish Mauser M96 Custom Target Rifle is available in limited numbers now, for only £695, making it one of the cheapest and best military service rifles around!

We also have plenty of excellent quality PPU ammunition to feed your Swedish Mausers! Our range of PPU 6.5x55 ammunition can be found by clicking here.

We also stock a comprehensive range of loading equipment for 6.5x55 Swedish from LEE, click here. All our reloading equipment (excluding powder and primers) can be sent direct to your door for only £4 delivery, please see our website to order

A Firearms Certificate with the appropriate variation for a 6.5mm bolt action rifle is required to purchase. To order, please email sales@henrykrank.com or telephone 0113 2569163/0113 2565167.