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Guide to Deactivated Western revolvers

Guide to Deactivated Western revolvers
By Tom Metcalf-Jackson 3 years ago 8795 Views 3 comments

Now available at Henry Krank are new regulation, fully compliant deactivated black powder revolvers. We currently have for sale an array of new-spec deactivated black powder pistols. There has been some confusion as to how exactly the law has changed, and what appearance and function these guns now take, so read on to find out exactly what a new-spec deactivated gun looks like.

The Gun Itself – How it Works

Deactivated Revolver

From outward appearance, the gun is unchanged from the original, live firing version. At a glance, you would not be able to tell one from the other. The big change comes to how the gun functions.

Deactivated Hammer Mechanism

Firstly, the action has been tampered with to prevent the gun from cocking. The hammer can still be moved to its full cock position, but will not hold there and dry fire. The cylinder can still be operated as per normal, the action is not frozen solid, but will not cock or dry fire. In addition, the exterior screws through the frame for the bolt and trigger have been rendered immobile. This prevents the replacement of the interior components in order to make the gun dry fire as normal, though again this is not a significant or particularly noticeable change.

Looking at the cylinder, the only changes are internal, and therefore not visible. The inside of each chamber has been machined away and welded at it’s base (nipple end), therefore preventing it from being used in it’s intended way, though without impeding the movement of the action and cylinder. The face of the cylinder remains unchanged, though with close inspection down each chamber, the work is visible.

Deactivated Cylinder

Moving to the barrel, again, outward appearance is unchanged. A slot has been milled in the underside of the barrel, underneath the loading lever, and therefore largely not visible without closer inspection.

On open frame Colt type revolvers, the wedge has been pinned in place through the barrel, so is immovable. This pin is visible when looking directly down the muzzle, but otherwise would go largely unnoticed.

On Remington pattern revolvers, the cylinder pin has likewise been fixed in the frame. There is also a cross pin through the forcing cone which is visible from the exterior, though not significant or particularly noticeable.

Deactivated Revolver

We have been really impressed with the new deactivated gun specification, the guns have been sensitively deactivated, and outward appearance is next to indecipherable from the original. These guns would make perfect display pieces in any collection, and is a real chance for any enthusiast to own an impressive piece of gunmaking or western history.

How to buy a deactivated Western revolver

All of our deactivated western revolvers come complete with current deactivation certificate. You must be over 18 to purchase, and these guns can be mailed direct to you on a next day service for only £4 shipping. Order online, or over the telephone.

If there is a particular model you desire, we can deactivate any revolver listed on our website, to new specification, for an additional fee of £120. This process takes approximately six weeks.

Please see the links below to our current deactivated black powder revolver stock, and to our new black powder revolvers that can be deactivated

Click here to view all deactivated guns available on Henry Krank

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David Graham 9 months ago at 09:24
Absolutely disgraceful. This started out as an EU regulation which is clear not that the UK had no intention to repeal after Brexit, very sneaky. This nonsensical registering of welded up lumps of metal Is just another knee jerk reaction by career politicians to seize the guns when they feel like it, and further erode civil liberties, while once again failing to go after the real criminals with fully functioning weapons.
David MacKee 8 months ago at 13:02
David I can only agree 100% with what you say in your comments about E.U regulations and this country keeping what suits them and disregarding what doesn't
Patrick Bowyer 5 months ago at 13:06
Just discovered this piece of bureaucratic nonsense when I wanted to deactivate my old, worn out replica Colt 1851 .36 muzzle loader to give as a presentation piece. Another piece of nonsense, introducing pointless legislation and administration costs, which causes civil servants to waste public money chasing up paperwork for lumps of metal which are useless and no threat to anyone. And losing track of one is a criminal offence now too. Meanwhile, I believe a real functioning genuine 1851 Colt or similar can be bought as an antique, no licence or deactivation required as long as you don't actually load it.