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Extensive Range of Obsolete Calibre Bertram Brass Cases

Extensive Range of Obsolete Calibre Bertram Brass Cases
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Bertram Brass Cases

Bertram Brass manufacture a quality range of rare and obsolete head-drawn brass. Henry Krank offer around 150 Bertram Brass products, for all sorts of different old and obsolete calibres. We also offer a range of Bertram Basic brass cases, unformed cases for the shooter to form themselves and tailor to their specific gun. Bertram Brass cases come trimmed, formed and annealed, and ready to load and shoot.

In anticipation of a much demanded new delivery from Bertram Brass in Australia, we have made it easier to search our range of Bertram Brass Cases for obsolete calibre guns, and find the case you need. Click to see a PDF of our Bertram obsolete calibre brass cases, or view them on our website. This document can also be printed for quick reference in future.

Click here to view our range of Bertram Brass cases on our website

We can send Bertram Brass cases mail order to any UK address, though unfortunately due to UK export restrictions, we are currently unable to send Bertram Brass overseas.

Bertram Brass available online.300 Rook

.300 Sherwood

.310 Cadet

.577 Snider

.577/450 Martini Henry

.50/70 Musket

8x60 Kropatschek

.43 Spanish

.43 Mauser

.41 Colt

.455 Webley

Also See Below Our Comprehensive List Calibres and Their Correct Primer Size:

Primer Sizing Chart

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