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Deactivated Firearms - The Law

Deactivated Firearms - The Law
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A deactivated gun is a firearm that has been rendered inoperable in such a way that it cannot be readily converted back into a working firearm.

The Law

For UK sales of deactivated guns, no license is required. A deactivation certificate is supplied with all deactivated guns. You must be over the age of 18 to purchase. All deactivated guns we sell conform to EU Regulation 2018/337, 5th March 2018.

Deactivated Military Rifles

Our Deactivation Service

We offer a comprehensive deactivation service, and most kinds of firearm can be deactivated. We most commonly deal with military bolt action rifles, and shotguns, but can deactivate the majority of firearms.

If you have a gun that you would like deactivating, we can arrange this for you at a cost from £120. This service takes between 8-12 weeks. Please contact us before sending your gun to us, or bringing it into the shop, so that we can confirm it is suitable for deactivating.

What Deactivated Guns Are Available From Stock?

Click here to view all deactivated guns which are available from stock. We specialise in deactivated military rifles, but will list other deactivated guns if we have them available

How Are Guns Deactivated to the New Specification?

For military rifles, and with bolt action rifles in general, the barrel is blocked, pinned and cut. The bolt face is ground away at an angle along with the firing pin. The bolt can move within the gun, but cannot be removed. The trigger may move, but there will be no connection between it and the bolt, so the gun will not cock or dry fire.

For shotguns, the barrel is blocked, pinned and cut. The action will break, but the barrels and fore end will not remove from it. The triggers may move, but they will not cock the action, and it cannot be dry fired. On hammer guns, the hammers may move under spring pressure but will not cock or dry fire.

Revolvers must have the cylinder filled with weld, and cut on the inside, with the barrel being pinned, welded and slotted underneath. The cylinder may rotate, and the hammer move, but there can be no connection between the hammer and the trigger, the revolver will not cock or dry fire.

Deactivated No.4 Enfield Rifle

I Have an Older Style Deactivated Gun, Does This Need Bringing Up to Current Specification?

Yes, the new EU regulation is retroactive, so in order to sell or trade a deactivated gun, it must be deactivated to current specification and have the appropriate certificate.

Deactivated double barreled shotgun

I Have a Gun That I Would Like Deactivating, How Is Best to Get in Touch With You?

You can either telephone us on 0113 256 9163, or email us at sales@henrykrank.com. We are open 6 days a week, excluding Sundays, until 17:00.

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