With the next REACH compliance deadline coming into place on 1st June 2018, several propellant powders will not be legally available for import in to the UK. Those powders that do not have REACH compliant chemistry, and never will, will soon be unavailable, causing shooters to switch to different products.

To help our customers during this migration period, Henry Krank want to share as much information as possible about which powders are REACH compliant and those that will be disappearing from the shelves.

Which powders are not REACH compliant?

From 1st June 2018, the following powders will not be REACH compliant:

Non REACH compliant Hodgdon powder:

3501 - H4198 Hodgdon Extreme Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501A - H322 Hodgdon Extreme Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501B - Benchmark Hodgdon Extreme Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501C - H335 Hodgdon Spherical Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501D - H4895 Hodgdon Extreme Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501E - Varget Hodgdon Extreme Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501F - BL-C (2) Hodgdon Spherical Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501G - H380 Hodgdon Spherical Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501H - H414 Hodgdon Spherical Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501J - H4350 Hodgdon Extreme Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501K - H4831 Hodgdon Extreme Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501L - H4831SC Hodgdon Extreme Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501M - H1000 Hodgdon Extreme Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)
3501P - H50 BMG Hodgdon Extreme Rifle Powder (1lb/454g)

Non REACH compliant IMR powder:

3540A - IMR Smokeless Rifle Powder 4198 (1lb/454g)
3540B - IMR Smokeless Rifle Powder 3031 (1lb/454g)
3540C - IMR Smokeless Rifle Powder 4895 (1lb/454g)
3540D - IMR Smokeless Rifle Powder 4064 (1lb/454g)
3540E - IMR Smokeless Rifle Powder 4320 (1lb/454g)
3540F - IMR Smokeless Rifle Powder 4350 (1lb/454g)
3540G - IMR Smokeless Rifle Powder 4831 (1lb/454g)
3550B - IMR Smokeless Powder Trail Boss (9oz)
3550C - IMR Smokeless Powder PB (1lb/454g)
nitro powders

Which powders are REACH compliant?

There will still be a wide range of nitro powders available to purchase following this new stage of compliance. 

The following brands will remain REACH compliant:

- All of the Ramshot range

- All of the Alliant range

- All of the Vihtavouri range.

To take a look at the full products available, browse each brand on our website for up to date descriptions, pricing and availability. 


Selected products from the following brands will remain REACH compliant:

- Hodgdon

- IMR. 

To find out which products out of these two brands will remain REACH compliant, browse each category on our website to check availability. 


How can I find the nearest equivalent to a discontinued powder?

If the brand of powder you currently use will no longer be available, there are numerous ways to determine the closest alternative. 

You may be interested in reading our blog posts on:

- The best alternative to Varget reloading powder

- REACH compliant Ramshot powders.

reloading powders 

Reloading data

Reloading data for all of the brands stocked by Henry Krank can be found for free on our website. 

To get started, take a look at our blog post on where to find reloading data for:

- Hodgdon

- Ramshot


- Alliant

- Vihtavouri. 


Powder comparison burn rate chart

Using a powder comparison burn rate chart is a useful indication of other propellants that are ranked close to the current brand you are currently using.

This free comparison burn rate chart shows current powders in order of approximate burning rate. 

- Check out our blog post on how to use a burn rate comparison chart for more information.

Please note that these guides are intended to be used as a reference. Each individual handloader must determine what is the best and safest load for their equipment. Henry Krank has no control over actual reloading data, procedures and methods, or the condition or choice of firearms and components being used, therefore no responsibility for the use of this data is implied or assumed.


Ordering powder

For UK sales of nitro powders no license is required. To place an order simply give us a call or pop into our store. You must be over 18 to purchase these items.

These items can be delivered directly to your door for as little as £14 per order.

For more information on how to place an order for these powders before they go out of stock, please see our delivery information, or speak to one of our friendly staff by calling call us on 01132 569 163 / 01132 565 167 or email us at sales@henrykrank.com.