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2017 Updates To UK Deactivated Gun Laws

2017 Updates To UK Deactivated Gun Laws
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In a recent article published by Gun Mart, Mike Wells, General Secretary of the Sportsman’s Association of GB and N.I., details the latest updates to the deactivated gun laws.

The full article details the differences made to bolt action rifles, semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles.

2017 updates to deactivated gun laws

“The main difference to the following list,” writes Wells in his article, “is that some rifle bolts may not be removed. Semi-auto pistol slides may rack, but not be removed. Swing out revolver cylinders may no longer swing out and top strap revolvers e.g. Webley, may not break open. A two-part certificate will be required: part 1 – work in progress, part 2 – completed work.”

What you need to know about deactivated bolt action rifles

Here at Henry Krank we were interested to read about the updates to bolt action rifles as we deal with a lot of military bolt action rifles.

The latest changes are as follows:

- Bolt face chamfered at 45-degrees, firing pin shortened, firing pin hole welded up, bolt lugs chamfered at 45-degrees
- Barrels have six hles drilled on underside of barrel close to chamber
- Hardened steel rod welded in covering two thirds of barrel
- Chamber slotted on underside
- Hardened steel peg welded across chamber
- Rifles with detachable magazines have a hardened steel pin welded across magazine well to prevent the insertion of a standard magazine
- Magazine top modified so that it can be inserted and removed
- Integral magazines remain unaffected
- All work is carried out internally or under cover, so the original appearance is virtually as original
- The rifles can be cocked and dry fired

Source: Sportsman’s Association

Changes to deactivated revolvers

Henry Krank customers may also be interested to read about the latest amendments to deactivated revolvers. These are as follows:

- Barrels have a short V slot and are pinned to the frame, chamber slotted
- Hardened steel rod welded in place covering two thirds of the barrel
- Firing pin shortened, firing pin hole welded up
- Cylinder walls removed interally and filled with a steel ring, cylinder captivated to fram
- Revolvers have moving parts and can be cocked and dry fired

They now have the fully legal EU/UK Deactivation Certificate from the Birmingham / London Proof House.

Source: Sportsman’s Association

For further information about deactivations

Henry Krank always have a range of deactivated rifles for sale on our website. Take a look at what is currently available and prices.

Further information about deactivated firearms and Mike Wells’ full article can be found on the Sportsman’s Association of GB and N.I.

If you have a question relating to deactivated bolt action rifles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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