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How To Order

1. Log on or register

Go to Login/Register.

Existing customers will need to log on by entering their email address and password.

New customers will need to register. Click on the Sign Up button.

2. Find required products

Search for the product you require using the Search  box located at the top of the homepage. Type in key words of the required product. The option to use an Advanced Search is available below. This will take you to an array of products relating to your search.

Alternatively, the option to be more specific with your search is available on the left hand side of the website in the Categories section.

3. Read information provided about products available


Clicking on the required product enables customers to see a larger image of the product, read a description and check its availability.

4. Special conditions

Due to licensing regulations/legal reasons some products cannot be ordered online. Call To Order will display when these conditions apply. Please call Henry Krank & Co Ltd for more details about the product and its availability. (0113) 2569 163 (0113) 2565 167.

5. Add to cart or complete online application form

If you have not already done so you will now need to log in or register.


Click on Add to Basket.

The option to Add to Basket will only be shown if your required product is in stock and if licensing regulations do not apply.

In the Your Shopping Cart Contents screen you will be able to enter required quantities. Alter by typing in the desired amount and clicking on the refresh button located to the right of the quantity box.

To remove an item in your shopping basket, simple change the quantity to zero then click refresh located to the right of the quantity box.

6. Proceed to checkout

Click on Go To Checkout button.

7. Shipping address

The shipping address is the address at which you will receive your products. The address can be changed by clicking on the Change Your Address button.

You are required to complete the boxes marked with an asterisk and may complete the optional boxes if you wish.

Ordering from Overseas

If you would like to order from overseas, please send an email to stating your order and full postal address. 

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